Commission Options

We have three options available for selling. For some items, we will offer all three, and for others we may only offer consignment, depending on the item itself and the current inventory levels in the store.

Store Credit

Take 50% of your item's selling price in store credit. For example, if our buyer determines that we can sell your dress for $100, you can have $50 in store credit on the spot. You can use your credit immediately, or anytime within one year.


Take 30% of your item's selling price in cash (or a check in some cases) right then and there. For example, if we will sell your dress for that same $100, you can have $30 in cash right away.


Our new consignment terms offers you the highest return on your items.

Receive as much as double the cash up front by leaving your item(s) to sell. We mail you a check once your item sells. A buyer will go over your particular offer when you bring your items in.

Commission Rates

How We Work

We buy every day in all of our stores. No appointment needed. If you take advantage of our convenient drop-off service, a buyer will notify you when your items are done, so you never have to wait around.

There is no minimum or maximum, and you are welcome to bring your items on hangers, in bags, or in boxes, whatever is easiest for you. We recommend a rolling suitcase!

Please make sure items are freshly laundered with no pet hair, odors, discolorations, or damage.

All stores stop buying an hour prior to closing.

Just bring your items in!

What we Buy (and Don't Buy)