Commission Options

Our buyers will take a look through your items and select the ones that will sell the best in our store based on style, season and condition. Our buyer then calculates the “Estimated Resale Value” (ERV), approximately what we will sell all your items for, and then go over your payment options. 

Store Credit

We offer 50% in store credit. We issue store credit directly on to your account that may be used immediately or for future purchases. Store credit does not expire; can be used at any of our locations and toward any in-store merchandise. Store credit cannot be used toward sales tax; sales tax must be paid by cash or credit card. Store credit cannot be used toward purchases made on our online store at this time.

Our buyers may only offer store credit on certain items.


We offer 30% for cash (or a check if the return is over $50) right then and there.

Our buyers may only offer cash on certain items.


Our consignment option (our most popular option) offers you the highest return on your items. Receive as much as double the cash up front by choosing to consign. We make it pretty simple. We add your items to your account and once your items sell your payment becomes available right away! You can always use your consignment balance towards a purchase, or pick up as much as $50 in cash. Once your account reaches over $50 we'll mail you a check for your full balance. Click below to see a full list of our commission rates! 

Commission Rates

How We Work

We're operating a little differently than usual. For more information on our contactless selling, please click here

What we Buy (and Don't Buy)