Frequently Asked Questions

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We prepare checks for balances of $100.00 and more. You have the option of having your checks mailed to the address on file or you can opt to pick up your checks in-store. On demand payments are limited to $100 per month per consignor. On demand payments may be issued in cash or a physical check at the store's discretion.

When Do I receive payment?

Consignor balances of $100 or more are settled on the last day of the month. Payments will be mailed via physical check by the 21st day of the following month to the address on file unless consignor opts to pick up check in store.

How much will I receive for my sold inventory?

Payment shall reflect the percentage of net sales as it relates to our commission rates below, unless otherwise specified in writing.

Click Here to view commission rates.

  • Items priced under $500 will have 90 days to sell.
  • Items $500 and up will have 180 days to sell.
What if I want to pick up my items before they expire?

That's just fine! Keep in mind that it may take up to 14 days to gather items before their expiration date. If a request to return an authenticated item is made in the first 60 days of the consignment period, TCTC will return the accepted item to consignor and will charge consignor the costs of return and such costs will be deducted from consignor balance (if available). If consignor does not have enough of a consignor balance available to cover the costs, TCTC will not return the item to consignor unless, and, until consignor has paid for the costs of return in advance. “Costs” of return are equal to a fee of $35 per premium designer item authenticated by TCTC and/or any third party service.

How do I request to pick up items before they expire?

Go to our website and select your store. From there, select "Request Back Unsold Items". Simply submit the form and we'll get to work on gathering your items!

What happens after the consignment period?

It is the consignors responsibility to retrieve any items before they expire. Expired items are non-returnable. Any items left past their expiration date will be recycled responsibly at our discretion.Remember: If an expired item sells you will still be paid for that item! If you would like your unsold items back, it is your responsibility to track the items online and request them back before they expire. We do not contact or notify consignors about expiring items.

How do I access my account online?

When we create your consignment account you will receive an email from "Consignor Access" that will include your consignor ID & temporary password. Follow the link in the email to access your account and change your password. Once logged in, you will be able to view your consigned items, their status, your consignment balance and store credit amount. You can also access your consignor account by clicking "Consignor Login" on our website.

Will my items be discounted?

Our goal is to sell your items at full price. However, there is a chance that your items will be discounted. While we may discount any item up to 20% in the first month, generally the longer an item stays on the floor, the more likely it is to be discounted. We cannot make exemptions for any individual item.

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